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Sustainability in Construction

Layn Developments is committed to improving sustainability and reducing waste

As a responsible business we understand the concerns over climate change and the resources that our industry uses. We aim to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible, from sourcing more sustainable materials through to reducing the energy we use in the construction process.

Advances through technology and manufacturers improvements in the materials available are harnessed to continually improve our carbon footprint. We maintain that there are great benefits to be seen, from improvements in insulation to photo-voltaic solar panels, meaning greater sustainability is also an economically viable choice.

Our Goals


Using renewable and recyclable materials


Creating good jobs and providing skills training


Reducing and recycling on-site waste


Protecting natural habitats during construction

photo voltic solar power installation

In Partnership with our Customers

People are more eco-conscious than ever before. Many of our customers have already embarked on their own drive for sustainability and energy efficiency. Our knowledge and experience helps them achieve those goals whilst reducing the impact of our construction and maintenance work at the same time.

We are always in-step or ahead of the latest legislation and regulations for energy efficiency and sustainability. Helping our customers through what can be a complicated process from planning to completion.

Responsible Construction

From start to completion

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team is highly experienced and hold the latest accreditations.

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Working With You

Here at Layn Developments, we pride our self in excellence.

If we can help you with any of your electrical requirements or to receive a free, no obligation estimate, please contact us.