Case Study

Reconfiguring a Commercial Building

Jun 2, 2023

Layn Developments recently completed a project to divide and reconfigure an existing commercial building. This comprised of constructing a full height wall to securely divide the building and creating new office space, restrooms and entrance area.

The front of the building is occupied by the ‘Jurassic Bark’ pet supplies shop, they already had a portion of the building but they were in need of greater retail space and warehousing for stock. The first step was to divide the building with a full height secure and sound proof wall, shown below.

dividing wall in warehouse

The new office and toilet space:

new toilets

New toilets during final painting


New corridor and staff kitchen area

New corridor and staff kitchen area


Facilities Management and Maintenance

Layn Developments is the perfect partner for commercial projects, whether you require an ongoing maintenance service or a complete facilities management partner. we are based in Cambridgeshire and operate nationwide. Our extensive experience covers the commercial, industrial, defence, retail and hospitality sectors.