Protecting your commercial premises: Automatic Gates and Barriers

Nov 6, 2023

With the rise in thefts from business properties business owners are looking for ways to make their property and grounds more secure. Layn Developments have a range of products and solutions to help prevent theft and the damage associated with it. These offer business owners and employees peace of mind, knowing that their property is less vulnerable to theft and damage.

Automatic Gates and Barriers

These are typically used at entrances, staff car parks, and other access points to control and restrict vehicle and pedestrian access. From a security standpoint the mere presence of automatic gates and barriers acts as a visual deterrent to potential intruders. This can discourage unauthorised access and criminal activities such as theft, vandalism, or break-ins. While automatic gates and barriers restrict access, they are designed to allow for emergency access when needed. This ensures that safety is not compromised during critical situations.

Enhanced Security

Automatic gates and barriers offer a higher level of security compared to open access points. They physically block or restrict entry and exit, making it more difficult for criminals to enter the premises or escape with stolen goods. Many systems can be integrated with access control and surveillance systems. This enables businesses to monitor and log who enters and exits the premises, providing valuable information for security and investigation purposes.

Vehicle Security

For businesses with parking facilities, automatic barriers can protect parked vehicles from theft, vandalism, and unauthorized use. They can also prevent vehicles from entering restricted areas.

Get advice from Layn Developments

We are experts in automatic barriers and gates, offering a range of options that include solar power and app controlled systems. We can also advise on other security measures, such as bollards and fencing.