Our Waste Management Goals

Dec 7, 2022

As a company, we are striving to minimise the production of waste and ensure sustainability throughout the business, reducing potential harm to the environment in the process.

The fact is that most on-site waste is produced by a combination of avoidable factors:

  • over-ordering
  • damage by mishandling materials
  • off-cuts
  • poor storage of materials
  • unnecessary packaging

Layn Developments avoids and reduces the impact of these factors through careful pre-planning and ongoing project management. Our ordering process is efficiently run to avoid over-ordering materials. We ensure that materials are correctly stored and handled on site to reduce damage and hence waste. We have waste management protocols on site, identifying who is responsible for waste management at every stage of a project. All waste is sorted and recycled where possible.

Good Planning to Avoid Waste

We strive to make design and project planning decisions that will prevent waste from being produced in the first place. We are experts in refurbishment and we work with customers to help improve the recycled content of a project. We work to identify ownership of waste within the supply chain and create operating procedures and goals to minimise construction waste.