A new sustainable and cost-effective commercial property concept

The OneSpace concept is a highly adaptable and quick to install way of creating multiple retail and work buildings in a compact footprint. Using either converted shipping containers or new modular buildings, these structures can be adapted for use by a multitude of small businesses such as food outlets, offices, beauty & hair salons, craft workshops, or retailers.

Endlessly Adaptable

OneSpace can work as a self contained space centred around a courtyard that itself can provide room for seating or even entertainment. The beauty of the system is that the individual units can be configured in any way imaginable, ideally structured to suit any existing facilities and services.

The modular structures can be equipped with any furniture and technology required, meaning that there is little difference between a temporary or traditional building, apart from the savings in cost and efficiency.

onespace courtyard

Why OneSpace?


• Cost certainty – no hidden costs

• Easy to maintain

• Flexible and versatile

• Speedily sourced and erected

• Minimal disruption to existing environment/site

• A sustainable and environmentally friendly solution

The internal dimensions of each separate OneSpace unit are approximately 2.3m wide x 5.8m long (13.3SQM) x 2.3m – 2.5m high, depending on what type of structure is used.

Structures can be extended and adapted to suit requirements. A second floor can also be added to all or individual units.

A sound investment

OneSpace provides a cost-effective route to augment an existing retail destination with a shopping plaza that can be configured to your exact space and needs.

Using modular buildings allows a huge range of configuration options, and the smaller footprint offers small businesses an achievable way of establishing a physical presence without a massive investment in ‘bricks and mortar’.

Proven returns on your investment means that a OneSpace project will pay for itself in just a few years. Plus, expansion is always possible.

onespace units
a retail unit in onespace
 retail double width unit in one space
kitchen/retail space unit in onespace