How to comply with the new potentially hazardous waste wood regulations?

Sep 4, 2023

New Regulations

Since September 2021 The Environment Agency(EA) has allowed potentially hazardous waste wood and non-hazardous waste wood to be received at Waste Transfer Stations, processed together, and sent mixed for recovery (this was part of the Regulatory Position Statement RPS250). But now, effective from 1st September 2023, RPS250 has been withdrawn and different categories of waste wood normally arising from construction and demolition projects will automatically be deemed as hazardous unless shown otherwise.

What categories of waste wood are affected?

The EA have identified that any waste wood that originates from a construction, demolition or refurbishment projects on a pre 2007 property (commercial or domestic) could potentially be hazardous.

There are 10 additional items:

• Barge Boards
• Roof battens & Roof timbers
• External joinery (windows)
• External doors
• Timber frames & joists
• Fascias and soffit boards
• Floorboards

How to comply with the new potentially hazardous waste wood regulations

Layn Developments are already procesing waste wood in accordance with these regulations and will handle all of the compliance issues for you.

Don’t forget that this only applies to buildings built before 2007, We will test any waste wood recovered from construction or demolition sites on any pre-2007 building, a copy of the negative test results will be included in the Environmental Reporting Duty of Care paperwork to accompany each such load.


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