Developing a proactive fire safety mentality in construction

Dec 19, 2022

In the aftermath of the Grenfell disaster there was a much needed reckoning within the industry over the drive for ever cheaper construction methods and materials. A realisation that regulations and standards had been eroded over time in a drive for growth also dawned, somewhat mind-boggling for an industry that has bore the brunt of materials that are hazardous to human health throughout its history.

Layn Developments is experienced in working with planners to ensure fire safety is built in from the ground up. We also ensure that fire safety during the construction phase is practised by all of our staff. Good planning and implementation of regulations is all about prevention, we are also experts in refurbishment and dilapidation work where an assessment of elements already in place is highly important. New work shouldn’t compromise what is already there, which is where experience and knowledge provide an advantage.

Safe Working Practices

We aim to avoid hazards through an understanding of common fire hazards on-site, all of which can be mitigated through good working practices and a thorough knowledge of potential risk and hazard. We welcome any advances in bringing fire safety to the heart of good practice in the construction industry, so we welcome initiatives such as the CITB’s free eCourse in fire safety which covers the basics in a fast and easy to use course.